I’m sure that some among you will wonder why an article on a Surf photographer … To begin, Willy Uribe is not an only photographer, this man enjoys his other occupations such like writing articles in which he described beauty of our sport, Surfing, and where he also defends our environment (for example Rodiles). He writes also books such likeCrónicas del Salitre and novels such as Nanga which appeared recently. In addytion to all that, Willy has more than twenty years of experience in photography (Surfing, voyages, various sports, ect…).

The first time that I saw and read a work of Willy Uribe, was in an article that appeared in Surf Europe wich was entitled “Transcantabria”. This was full with poetry and of passion for this Cantabric ground wich attracts him so much. One day I discovered in Surf Europe small a news about his new website that Willy had just put online at that time there (more or less heigt years ago of that). This was the occasion for me to contact him. One year later I put Get Washed online and since this time I received a lot of photographs and articles, which contributed much to quality of this virtual Surf magazine.
Ok enough blah-blahs, check out his poetic pictures!