12th Edition of Anglet’s International Surf Film Festival

13 years since I got the desire to create an event that would bring together the best international productions on the theme of surfing.

13 years during which we were able to make you discover stories, incredible projects, extraordinary persona- lities.

13 years who collected nearly 50 000 people, more and more numerous every year.

12 editions of 100% free, 120 hours of projections, 104 members of the jury, always with Joël de Rosnay as Honorary President.

An adventure raised by passion and curiosity, those for the image, the ocean, the human, we are proud to reiterate again this year with an eclectic selection, with the presentation of many productions made in France, music, travel, societal, … and of course sublime waves.

Enjoy the 2015 festival, good sessions!

Bruno Delaye – Festival organisator


Awaited Event at the Start of the Season

12 years ago, Bruno Delaye organized the first edition of the Surf Film Festival, first in Saint Jean de Luz, and then Anglet. This event brings together all generations, passionate or not by surfing. The atmosphere is unique: 2 giant screens set up for the occasion in La Chambre d’Amour, feet in the sand. From 5pm, you will find a selection of international feature films, with their vision of surfing, trips and strong encounters, sometimes with exclusive historical images.

In 12 years, the festival has seen big names such as Tom Curren, Laird Hamilton, Mark Richards, Terry Fitzgerald, Shaun Tomson for example.


Let’s talk less, watch better

Surfing is primarily a mind, a lifestyle lived by millions of fans to the 4 corners of the planet. Today, even if the industry is going through a difficult period, codes and values of the sport are included in many fields such as fashion, travel, advertising, TV … Kids & women are more and more in the water, the enthusiam is unprecedented in Australia, USA, but even more in Europe.
We believe it is essential to show the many facets of this world to the greatest number. Each year, we propose to discover the vision of many directors, all with a different personal baggage. But all want to share the passion that drives the love of surfing, respect for the ocean and discovery.
The films, whether carried out by professionals or amateurs, turned to the other side of the world, the most beautiful spots on the planet, or the local spot, allow the viewer to travel and (re) discover a whole universe.


The Festival in a few figures

. 4 days of free movies and animations
. 7 members of jury
. 15 feature movies
. 4 short-movies
. 10 000 people expected
. +11h of movie to watcH
. 7 awards
. Best Movie
. Best shooting
. Best soundtrack
. Best surfer
. Best edit
. Best movie by internet user’s votes.
. Best short movie


Internet Users also have their price

Throughout the festival, visitors can vote for their pre- ferred embodiment. In 2014 nearly 15,000 votes were counted, to reward Tierra de Patagones, Julian and Joaquin Azulay.
It’s simple: we’re going on the site and vote for their favorite film.
A draw will also be conducted among users attempt to win lots of our partners.

Instagram: @Surfilmfestival




Four Days of Movies shown

Friday Juli 10.

17.00 The Holy Surf
17.30 Factory Life
19.00 Bro
21.30 Opening
22.00 The Fisherman’s Son 22.30 Cluster

Saturday Juli 11.

17.00 Strange Rumblings in Shangri la
18.15 Alombre
19.00 Lost in Namibia
22.00 La Maestra
22.45 Four Seasons

Sunday Juli 12.

17.00 Gathering
17.30 Headache
18.30 Behind the Tide
22.00 Kepa in Indo (CM)
22.15 Billabong Adventure Division, Nazaré (CM)
22.30 Girl Go Big! (CM)
22.45 Luis Eyre Alien Invader (CM)
23.00 La Primera ola