Fast chat with Kassia Meador

Fast chat with legendary Kassia Meador

Kassia Meador belongs, just like Jennifer Smith, to the world’s most famous women longboard surfers. But she’s also well-known as an model and in the States also as tv host.
Now we are discovering her again as an (Art) Photographer.

I met her in Biarritz during the Roxy Jam and afterwards we remained in contact.
Some weeks later, I saw that she posted an link about her new website on one of an famous web networks. It woke my curiosity, so I checked it out.
There’s many surfers who start something with art like music, painting or photography. I saw much and my reaction ist the most of the time: “…ok…not bad.” In the case of Kassia, I must say that we have to do with an raw diamond!… That was what I though.
I know some photographers who prefear the analog-photgraphy. But watching Kassia’s work, I understood that time for real, what all of them tried to explain to me, when they told me about their work.

So I sarted quik to chat with Kassia.

Max: when did you started?

Kassia: I have been shooting photos probably for the past 3 years or so but i just started my site and started showing people my stuff this past year

it is just an hobby or do you have some ambitions with it later?

Kassia:for now I am just shooting my friends and my travelds but I hope to some day transition into photography this year I have started having art shows and stuff and shooting a little foor foam magazine and some pther publications I hope publish some stuff of mine..

Are there other photographers who inspired you?

Annie Leibovitz, Michael Halsband, Thomas Campbell, Sally Mann.
Those are some photographers i really look up to and always have
What about an exhibition? Some planed?

I had a showing of my stuff at the greenroom festival in japan in may. My art has also been traveling with the dear and yonder tour all summer. I am planning on having a show with Chris del Moro at surf indian in san diego sept 12th that is all I have planned so far but I am sure more will come up


So check out her website: Kassia Meador


Credits Photos: Kassia Meador / Max Senfft von Pilsach